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Dr. June Parks shows you how to improve well-being for yourself, your students and your teams, as well as enhance professional satisfaction, and minimize burnout


Boost Student and Staff Well-Being and Resilience

Dr. Parks uses specialized consulting, experiential training, and qualitative assessments to help student services professionals develop leadership skills and self-care strategies, all while concurrently supporting student well-being.

In her signature keynotes, Dr. Parks reveals the shortcomings of many mental health approaches to well-being, exposes the harmful affects of conventional thinking about well-being and resilience, and offers insights to ensure student success.

Higher Education and Student Services Professionals Love Dr. Parks!

Catherine Pines, Ph.D.

“Dr. Parks has a deeply empathic understanding of children, adolescents, and young adults. She cares enormously about supporting optimal development for youth and has designed creative and effective methods to achieve this aim. Dr. Parks is equally attuned to the opportunities and challenges for the adults who love and care for youth: as parents, educators, therapists, and administrators. As a professional, she is highly ethical, dependable, and brings a uniform excellence to all aspects of her work. As a person, she is warm, delightful, and a joy to interact with. Working with Dr. Parks is meaningful, enriching, and profoundly satisfying.”

Catherine Pines, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, DePaul University Family and Community Services, Coordinator of Training (emeritus).

Rebecca Eldredge

Dr. June Parks' style and delivery are perfectly suited to her message of well-being for higher education professionals. She gift-wraps and delivers warmth, calm, and optimism to her audience. She has a rare talent for balancing light-heartedness and laughter with the recognition and gravitas her topics and audiences need. Through anecdotes, stories, inspiration, and experiential engagement, she guides participants to a new perspective filled with possibility. Having seen June speak and facilitate on multiple occasions, I would highly recommend her as a speaker, trainer, and facilitator for any organization wanting to support their student services and higher ed professionals to continue with excellence without sacrificing their own well-being.

Rebecca Eldredge, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist | Speaker | Step into Your Moxie® Certified Facilitator

Terina Maldonado

“Dr. Parks’ presentation allowed me to think about youth resilience in a whole new way. Her presentation was well researched, thoughtful, vulnerable and inspiring. I had several aha moments and key takeaways I'm excited to implement. The things I learned have already helped me to interact with my youth in a more compassionate way.”

Terina Maldonado, Life Coach, Public Speaker, Author

Michael Bruner, LCPC

Dr. June Parks created and facilitated a wonderful series of group sessions. Bringing this program to our school was one of the best choices we made. Our students connected with Dr. Parks’ warm, enthusiastic, and down-to-earth style. Moreover, our students-of-color were particularly joyous about seeing a woman-of-color (someone who looked like them, as they said) lead a group on mental health and talk about issues, feelings, and challenges that pertained to their lives. [The group sessions were] therapeutic, without feeling overly clinical, and engaged young people in helping them construct further insights about their experiences and within their lives.”

Michael Bruner, LCPC, School Counselor at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Former LCPC Clinical Counselor at the Chicago High School for the Arts & Co-owner of Bruner & Gleason Therapeutic Services, LLC

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Join my community and receive my FREE DIGITAL GUIDE: How to Cultivate Resilience in Yourself and Your Staff and discover 5 strategies to reduce burnout and increase work satisfaction.

*We respect your email inbox and will only share valuable content when appropriate.