Dr. June Parks supports higher education student services professionals to enhance their students’ mental well-being and resilience as they develop the mindset, skills, and culture to support their individual and team flourishing.

Integrating practical education gleaned from her rich experiences in child psychology and childhood trauma with opportunities for thought-provoking discussions and role-play, Dr. Parks’ interactive training and coaching create a safe space for participants to address the real challenges they face with their students - while centering their own, often unaddressed needs and well-being in the process.

While Dr. Parks can provide half-day, one-day, multi-day, and ongoing training solutions based on the unique needs of colleges and associations, her most popular training is her one-day institute.

From Survive to Thrive: A New Paradigm for Well-Being and Resilience

A One-Day Institute for Higher Education Professionals and Their Students

In Dr. Parks’ dynamic one-day, professional development training, higher education student services professionals (and, if desired, their student leadership teams) elevate well-being, revamp familiar skills, acquire new competencies, integrate active learning, and raise team cohesiveness.  (Note: In advance of the Institute, participating institutions will identify with Dr. Parks two specific issues to dive deeply into and address throughout the training day.)

During the day, participants will:

  • Discover not only what to do to elevate well-being and resilience but also identify significant elements that might be missing in our traditional efforts to build these qualities.
  • Take part in role-plays and group coaching to practice effective strategies and ensure successful implementation of these strategies based on the two selected issues that are often related to difficult and daring conversations.
  • Engage in team building and enhancement activities that boost team cohesiveness, engagement and performance.
  • Participate in small and large group debriefs to analyze the actions and behaviors practiced in the activities.

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