Maximize Your Summer Break: Unconventional Strategies that Promote Well-Being for Higher Education Student Services Professionals

July 4, 2023


As higher education student services professionals, summer break is the ideal time for you to not only recharge your battery but also explore unconventional strategies that will elevate your well-being and enhance your readiness for the upcoming academic year.

Here’s how to make the most of this summer by prioritizing your well-being through the exploration of frequently overlooked strategies:  

Discover Alternative Forms of Self-Care

Expand your self-care repertoire by exploring alternate forms of relaxation and renewal. Uncommon strategies may include anti-gravity yoga, music therapy, sound healing sessions, energy work, or sensory deprivation experiences. These unique exercises can offer deep relaxation, stress relief, and help you tap into your inner resources for increased well-being and resilience.

Explore Experiential Learning

Take advantage of the summer break by engaging in experiential learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. Consider participating in immersive workshops or mentorship programs within or outside of your field. These hands-on experiences can provide valuable insights, boost your skills, and broaden your understanding of diverse student populations.

Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection

Embrace unconventional strategies that nurture your mind-body connection. Explore practices such as tai chi and culturally-influenced dance therapy that integrate movement, mindfulness, and relaxation. These activities promote your physical wellness, enhance your mental clarity, and create a greater sense of balance in your life. 

Immerse Yourself in the Arts

Immersive artistic experiences can foster self-expression and rejuvenation. Unconventional art forms include expressive painting, improvisational theater, or creative writing workshops. These activities foster self-discovery, inspire creativity, and provide a therapeutic outlet that can enhance your well-being and add a fresh dimension to your work with students. 


There are still several weeks left in the summer of 2023 to implement some of these ideas. Play around with alternative forms of self-care, experiential learning, mind-body activities, and immerse yourself in the arts to unlock new levels of innovation and well-being. Let this summer be the season where you really pour into yourself. All of this will enhance your perspective and boost your energy so that you can provide exceptional support and guidance to your students in the fall.

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